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Take my pain away
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Not all pain is bad.
New pain is there to tell us to take some action. It might be a burn or a broken arm. The pain says: "Get some medical attention. QUICKLY!"

Old pain is different. It is a daily, constant reminder we have a problem - such as arthritis.
But we KNOW we have arthritis. We don't NEED a daily, hourly or even CONSTANT reminder that we have arthritis.
Doctors recognise that old pain isn't necessary - that's why they prescribe pain killers.

In fact, if you developed a new problem, it would have to be at a higher pain level than your old pain - otherwise you wouldn't know you had a new pain … a new problem.
So getting rid of old pain is a very useful and advantageous thing to achieve.

Getting rid of pain is what I do.
Every day I get people out of old pain.

You won't believe how simple it is to cancel out the old pain.
To erase the program that keeps you in pain and thus create a pain-free life for yourself.

Two examples of long-term pain ...

Mrs JM:  Aged 91 years. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 20 years ago. Had total knee joint replacement 5 years ago.  High pain levels every day from arthritis and the knee surgery meant that walking was very difficult. Just ONE 45 minutes treatment and Mrs JM was totally pain free - and has remained pain free since her treatment with me.

Mrs AB:  Aged 47 year. Fibromyalgia diagnosed 15 years ago. Arthritis of the right hip for 7 years. High pain levels were so high that they restricted her life. She cannot work. Registered disabled. One 45 minutes treatment and she has been pain free ever since.

Mrs VW:  Aged 58 years. Severe pain in knee (9/10) and low back (6/10 with medication - Gabapentin, but "off the scale" without medication). Pain eliminated within the hour session in all areas except one - but she messaged me later to say that pain had vanished as well.

Isn't that what you want? To be pain free - quickly and simply?

So, what’s the ………………… catch?  

The 'catch' - if there is one - would be that there's a very good chance that you will end the session with me completely pain-free for the first time in …. how long?
So what do you do exactly?

I get YOU to connect to the part of your brain that runs the pain programs.
It's call the "unconscious" and it runs ALL the programs of your body.

I get your brain to cancel the pain programs and erase the old pain messages.
I do this using something called:

How much does it cost?
Let me ask you in return: How much is it worth to be pain free?
If you have been off work with pain - or have lost sleep night after night because of pain … you can't enjoy your life because of pain what has that cost you already?

No gimmicks.
No offers.
No deals.
No pain.


Treatments are conducted via FaceTime, Skype or Messenger Video calling.
Call time usually between 1 and 2 hours

Please ensure:
•   You will not be disturbed by anyone or anything during our call
•   You have a good internet signal

Finally - please make sure you WANT to get rid of your pain.
Pretending you want to get rid of the pain just won't work.

Think that’s expensive? It’s going to cost you more to live in pain.

Yes please, I want to lose my pain

No thanks, I will continue with my pain
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