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Take my pain away
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Some things you need to know about pain:
It is an EFFECT that the brain produces in response to stimuli.
It is real but it’s not physical.
It is constructed in your mind.
Pain is not imagined but the brain is easily tricked…

The brain can misinterpret what it sees ...

Now look at this picture. Which is the darker square?

If you said "A" ...

... you'd be wrong.

Put you finger across the middle of the 2 squares and see for yourself.
Both squares are the same shade of grey!

More about pain…
This case, published in the British Medical Journal, describes where a builder is admitted to hospital in a HUGE amount of pain after a nail penetrated all the way through his boot.

“A builder aged 29 came to the accident and emergency department having jumped down on to a 15 cm nail. As the smallest movement of the nail was painful, he was sedated with fentanyl and midazolam. The nail was then pulled out from below. When his boot was removed a miraculous cure appeared to have taken place. Despite entering proximal to the steel toecap, the nail had penetrated between the toes: the foot was entirely uninjured.”

It turned out that the pain was entirely psychological as the nail had missed his foot by sliding between his toes.
The builder had EXPECTED to be in pain due to what he could see.
The builder REACTED to the event based upon what he believed should be a painful situation.
The builder’s pain subsided when the boot was removed and he saw he wan’t injured at all.

So … do you react to your "condition" based upon how you EXPECT you should feel when you have arthritis, a trapped nerve, fibromyalgia ... etc ... etc ...?

My question to you is:

How would you like your condition?  With or without pain?

"You mean it’s possible to have arthritis/a trapped nerve/fibromyalgia WITHOUT pain?”
Yes, entirely possible.

The concept of having your condition WITHOUT pain has never been offered to you. Until now.

So, are you happy keeping the pain? Or do you want to reach for the …

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